.meet shona heath.

.most amazing set designer.

Fusing fantasy with Fashion, art director and set designer Shona Heath creates beautiful, surreal designs that transport us into a world of pure imagination. Her impressive portfolio of enchanting visions has left her one of the most highly sought after visual creators in the business – working for many big names, such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Commes De Garcons. Aside from editorials, her work ranges from catwalks to installations, window displays and films.

Heath’s whimsical eye-catching style and soft, dreamy designs play with fairytale themes– anything from life size dolls springing to life to women riding turtles.

Heath plays with colour, proportion and volume to emphasize the surrealist nature of her work and add dimension. The atmosphere created in her projects are reminiscent of childlike fantasy fiction, with each piece telling a story.

 Her signature cute and quirky style is instantly recognizable and wonderfully alluring, leaving little wonder why such prestigious brands are eager for her to represent them.



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